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UMW – Submitted by Carol Weinert

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

September 2019

Here it is September again – time to put away the white shoes, beach towels, sun screen and bikinis, and begin thinking about fall harvest, schooldays and United Methodist Women’s programs. But first, let’s recap the summer.​

Our UMW August picnic was, as usual, a big success with perhaps the largest number of UMW ladies attending, including UMW members from Newberry and McMillan. We were also pleased to see in attendance past president Bobbie Clift from Marquette and current UMW president Patti Steinberg. The offerings in the salad luncheon were delicious and speaker Maurita Holland gave an informative talk on UP wildflowers. If you missed the picnic, guess you will have to wait until next year to see what will be presented.​Looking ahead to the upcoming season of UMW programs, the annual District Celebration will be Tuesday, Oct. 8, in Gwinn. Featured speaker will be former “TV star” turned United Methodist pastor Vicky (Crystal) Prewitt. If you would like to attend, get your registration form soon as the deadline is early September. We always carpool to these events so don’t let transportation discourage you from attending. ​

Locally, we will resume our UMW meetings on Tuesday, Sept. 3, at 1 PM in the church Fellowship Hall. Meetings are open to all interested church women. ​

The monthly Hymn Sing continues the first Monday of each month at the Medical Care Facility. We meet at 10 AM to present a brief program of familiar hymns and a seasonal message. However, there will be no Hymn Sing in September due to the Labor Day holiday.​

With the recent redistricting of the United Methodist Church in Michigan, the UMW Reading Program for 2019 has been extended to the end of the year, so there is still time to finish up in reaching your personal goal. See Mary Prater for More information.​

UMW Picnic

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

August 2019

Thank you to everyone who participated in making our UMW picnic a success. To Maurita Holland, our speaker, for her presentation on wild flowers in our area, and her homes in Gulliver  and Ann Arbor. Maurita compared the many wild flowers that exist at her home in Ann Arbor, her home on the beach on Lake Michigan and to t he areas in Sweden where she visits.

The salad luncheon was prepared by the UMW. No two salads were alike! Good job ladies! The dessert was prepared by the UMW, with Candace’s recipe. The cupcakes were fun to make, pretty, and very yummy. The napkins, made to look like a lotus flower, were a challenge for some of us, being frustrating, but a lot of laughs putting them together. This was  another one of Candace’s ideas. You can still see some of them hanging in the fellowship hall.

The beautiful hydrangea centerpiece was made by Sharon Vanderville, everything used came from her garden.

We are already looking forward to our next event. Christmas Tea! Get your thinking caps on!!                                                                                                                                Thank again, Lynn LaRose

A View from the Belfry

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

September 2019

Lay Leader Lines

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

September 2019

Norma Johnson – “God’s Way”

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

Raise your hand if you remember Frank Sinatra. When he was ending his singing career he sang a song, “I Did It My Way” , this to him was how he lived his life. It occurred to me that the hurt and bad things could have been avoided if instead he had tried to live by God’s teaching. So this version of Frank’s song is for the many people who have tried to make this world a better place b y trying to live their lives God’s way. ]

So now the end draws near.. And so I face that final curtain… My friends I’ll say it  clear… I’ll state my case of which I’m certain… I’ve lived a lift that’s full… before I found myself in this day… But more, much more than that … I tried to do it God’s way.

Regrets?? I’ve had a few … When I tried to get attention … when wrong I really knew… that it was due to my pretension… God planned my charted course… each wandering step… along this roadway… but more… much more than that I tried to make it God’s way.

Yes, there were times when I was scared … I was unsure … and unprepared … but thru it all … I always knew … God walked with me … and helped me thru … You’ll face it all … and you’ll stand tall … just try to make it God’s way ….

I’ve loved … I’ve laughed and cried … I’ve made mistakes … in my way of living … but now … as fears subside … I’m thankful God is so forgiving …

To think he does all that … and shows the way … to make it His day.

Oh … no… it was not me … He showed me His way …

For you and I … what have we got??? An empty life … if we have not …

A faith in God we truly feel … and were secure that when we kneel that God will know … that we tried so … to live life … His way.

Norma Johnson re-wrote the words to Frank Sinatra’s, “My Way” and performed her version in front of the congregation with Ginger Stark accompanying her on the piano.

Norma Johnson performing "God's Way"

Norma Johnson – "God's Way"

Posted by 1st United Methodist Church Manistique on Monday, August 19, 2019

Vacation Bible School

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

August 2019

We would like to thank everyone who helped with Vacation Bible School this year. Ruth Annelin and Candace Haskell supplied the food for the snacks each day, Kerry Billings  made a beautiful beach backdrop for us complete with palm trees, we would also like to thank everyone else who helped organize, plan, teach, and gather supplies. We would also like to thank Jill Connin for teaching us  about the different kinds of food families eat and how to make Hummus! The kids had a great time! 

Pastor’s Words

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

September 2019

“I believe in the Holy Spirit.” These words from the Apostles’ Creed give some people pause as they recite them from memory. Being able to explain these words may be almost impossible for person’s confused about their       understanding of the Trinity. As Christians, and certainly as United Methodists, we accept as part of the basic fabric of our Christian belief the concept of God in three persons, blessed Trinity. In reflecting on this thought this week, I decided to share my thoughts concerning the Holy Spirit and my own experience with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the presence we sense when we silence our own thinking and open our hearts to the will of God.      Indeed, our prayers may be directed to God, or the Lord, or Jesus, but the way in which we experience God or Jesus is through the powerful explainable something which occurs at the juncture of our hesitation and sudden decision making. Michael Ramsey states that “there is the constant belief that as Jesus did the work of God in his mission in history, so the Spirit continues the work of Jesus which is also the work of God.” I have often used the metaphor of a burning deep within our body to try to explain the presence of the Holy Spirit. This is inadequate, however, because no physical sensation can come close to explaining the unexplainable. There have been so many times during my life where I was brought out of some very dangerous situations where I truly believe that The Holy Spirit was involved, but, upon reflection I cannot explain how. Something put me in touch with the reality of God. Something put me in touch with the love of Jesus Christ. That something was the Holy Spirit. The leading of the Holy Spirit can also be found in the many sacrificial acts performed by communities of faith. Karl Barth’s use of the phrase “ever-coming” to describe the Holy Spirit resonates well with me. Like our breath, The Holy Spirit can’t be seen, and spreads over a wide area. Barth uses the word conscience to describe a part of the essence of the Holy Spirit, but I do not believe that this captures what happens when one feels the presence of the Spirit. Unlike the conscience which is often associated with notions of punishment, the Holy Spirit provides a gentle tug in the direction of God’s activity. The urging one feels to move off of center point and reach out to     another is in all likelihood the work of the Holy Spirit. According to Mack Stokes, John Wesley believed that the Holy Spirit is present in everyone even before they recognize this fact. It is through this preliminary work of the Holy Spirit known as prevenient grace that the Holy Spirit leads individuals toward justification. For United Methodists, it is difficult to imagine people who do not have the presence of the Holy Spirit: people who might be described as being Godless. I understand that the Holy Spirit is with everyone providing a way to move away from sin. Karl Barth gives a wonderful description of the manner in which individuals lay hold of the Holy Spirit: “in the Holy Spirit he hears God’s Word, far above any ethical reflection which can be of service only in this mundane sphere, and this Word is not lost in the darkness of his human ignorance.” Relying upon my own personal experience, I was struck by Barth’s description. My own call to ministry and my original coming to terms with God’s existence were the results of urgings which were difficult for me to rationalize. Barth’s description of the Word not being lost in the darkness of human ignorance was also very accurate in relation to my experiences. The Holy Spirit moves us beyond what we think is possible to a life of Christian service. We are moved individually, and, through relationships with other Christians, jointly in community. When a decision to act on God’s behalf begins to take shape within a group, I feel the movement of the Holy Spirit. It is like a group “aha” experience or a communal epiphany. God’s will to love and the power of the Holy Spirit result in mighty acts being committed in the name of Jesus Christ for the good of humankind and the world. Feeling the Holy Spirit move among a group of people is like a set of Christmas tree lights which flicker for a while until the right bulb is found and a steady circle of light is formed. The release of emotion which occurs at that moment is close to what is felt when the power of the Holy Spirit is jointly felt by a gathering of people. Following terrible tragedies, communities will often rally together to come to the aid of those in need of assistance. Reasons for acting are often difficult to express. Christians believe that this motivation is the result of the working of the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, the motivation to act often fades away and communities return to their previous routines, perhaps neglecting to think of those they aided at all. It is through the presence of the Holy Spirit that Christian communities remain vigilant with regard to human need. Small accountability groups ensure that Christians respond to the cry of the needy and to God’s call for faithful stewardship. The presence of the Holy Spirit reminds us that God’s love cannot be contained within a single vessel. Because of humankind’s sinful nature, faithfulness and responsible living cannot be achieved or maintained by individual effort. It is through the power of the Holy Spirit that a faithful response to God’s commandment to love in such a way that we empty ourselves is made possible.

Layettes – June 2019

Monday, May 27th, 2019

As you can see we have some baby items on display. They are for the layettes the United Methodist Women put together for the Family Health Department. They receive 1 gift bag per month. Each bag contains 1 hat, 1 onesie, 1 sleeper, a blanket or quilt, and 1 receiving blanket. In it is a card that says “A gift for your baby from the First United Methodist Women with Christian Love”. Unfortunately I have misplaced the original records. I believe Darlene Pruess introduced the program. I volunteered in 2009 to replace Ruth Petrick. The United Methodist Women, along with a few friends and relatives, donate what you see here. I am not going to mention everyone who has so generously donated. I try to remember and thank you in the monthly newsletter. If I have ever missed anyone I apologize. I do get monetary donations which I use to buy flannel to make receiving blankets and occasionally disposable diapers. They like to have them on hand at the Family Health Department. Except for the sleepers and onesies most of the items are handmade. Since 2009 to the best of my record keeping,  Norma has made 60 quilts for the layette. So thank you! We could not do this without our United Methodist Women and their spouses.

Pastor’s Words – June 2019

Monday, May 27th, 2019

As we prepare to celebrate Pentecost Sunday on June 9th, I was wondering if we are feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit with the same sense of power that the disciples did at Pentecost. With the birth of the church, the disciples were not compelled, but impelled to move out beyond themselves and begin spreading the Gospel. Throughout June, we are in a period which reminds us of the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost. The questions which are before us are these: Do we feel the Spirit? and Where is the Spirit moving us? The disciples suddenly were empowered to speak the languages of those about them so that they could bring Christ into their midst. It was a dramatic and powerful moment. If you don’t recall the power, reread Acts 2. I have often wondered what would occur if something similar happened to us, whether during the week or at Sunday worship. Imagine the impact it would have on this church– all of us feeling the power at the same time, moving out into the community and telling the story, and more importantly, showing the story. Are we able to speak and act in ways that our friends and those we come in contact with understand? Do we communicate the unconditional abiding love of Jesus Christ to all with whom we rub shoulders? More importantly, do we seek out those who are physically, emotionally, and spiritually in need of knowing that they are loved by God? At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was poured out on the disciples so that they could be the Church. Let me repeat that. At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was poured out on the disciples so that they could be the Church. The disciples were scared, powerless and in hiding prior to the coming of the Holy Spirit. The thought of reaching out with the message of God’s redemptive love for all was chained within. Jesus gave them the final pep talk at the Ascension and prepared their hearts and minds for the moment of Pentecost. When the moment came, they could not help themselves. They were so filled with the Holy Spirit that they had no choice but to evangelize. The event known as the Day of Pentecost was not just a one-time event. It is there for us, the Church, to experience day after day. Do we understand that we do not have to wait for the pouring out of the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is around us, through us, and within us. Once we recognize that, we experience the same empowerment that the disciples experienced on the Day of Pentecost. When a congregation of Christ’s Church experiences that together, watch out! Blessings on all of you as you begin your summer. I pray that the rush of wind I hear will not be our usual summer breezes, but will be a mighty release of spiritual power flowing out to MFUMC and all of the communities of which we are a part.

Peace and Grace

P.S. I will report on what took place at conference on the 9th during announcements. Please pray for all attending conference.

A View from the Belfry – June 2019

Monday, May 27th, 2019

Greetings from the belfry! You know, now that it’s spring, from my perch up here in the belfry which is no more, I can see a lot of work going on which many not be recognized by some of you great people who attend this church. Last month I mentioned a broken sump pump and broken pipe joint which resulted in water spilling all over the place at the church. After that article was written, the sump pump at the parsonage also quit, meaning that water got into the basement there. Needless to say, church members helped clean up the mess on all three occasions. Well, we also  have church members who quietly show up and do things which need doing, but for which they don’t have any official position saying they need to do it, and for which they aren’t paid and don’t expect pay. For example, Mary Prater has from time to time reorganized the books in the library and has taken some out which are outdated and not really used any more. Some she gives away, or if nobody wants them, donates them to places which accept used books, such as the Red Bird Mission in Appalachia. As another example, Vic and Sharon Vanderville have from time to time washed the stained glass windows in the sanctuary so they would sparkle in the sun. Very recently, Polly Bedwell snuck into the church entry and washed the windows there so that they also are now sparkling in the sun. Later she washed the windows in the conference room and office area as well. Candace Haskell shows up from time to time and cares for the flowers planted in front of the church. What a bunch of busy beavers we have here! Not only do these hard workers do the necessary care and maintenance  jobs, but they also help in many, many other ways, such as washing dishes after social hours (as well as bringing in the food and serving the refreshments), stocking the supply closets with miscellaneous stuff needed to keep the church clean and running, and the like. A few, especially Polly, also take responsibility for giving the children’s message during church. Thanks, Mary, Vic, Sharon, Candace, Polly, and all you other busy church workers! We do appreciate all that you, and all of our unsung workers, con tribute to the church family. A church really is a family endeavor, isn’t it?