View from the Belfry August 2017

August 2nd, 2017 by Kali Lewis

Greetings from Benny, your very own belfry denizen! (I learned a new word! For the one or two of you who may not already know, a denizen is a resident, or more specifically, a resident of a place which wasn’t its natural habitat. For a bat, I guess the natural habitat would usually be trees or caves, although bats like me have been associated with belfries for so long that maybe by now  a belfry could be considered a natural habitat for them.) Well, that’s enough new vocabulary for now. However, isn’t it great to learn new things? I’ve noticed several new things around the church recently. For one, the parking lot has just been seal-coated and the parking lot stripes repainted. It looks great! For another, I’ve seen lots of new faces in the congregation recently, as summer visitors arrive, family members return for gatherings, and tourists stop by when they are in the area. Some of our visitors are people who have recently moved here or are planning to move here soon, and are looking for a church family. It’s great to see what a receptive, friendly church family we have to welcome them. Several of our new friends have commented on the welcome they have received here. Still another new thing which caught my attention recently was the reception of a new church member. Penny Tracy, who has been attending church here for about a year, decided to become an official member and joined the church! Way to go, Penny! We really enjoy having you with us, and we have benefited from all the special gifts which you bring. You know, with the mix of old traditions and long-time members which this church offers, combined with the new improvements and the new gifts we receive when new people join us, we are really are a vibrant church with much to offer all who enter here. We praise God for His wisdom in making it all happen exactly according to His plan!