A View from the Belfry – September 2017

August 29th, 2017 by Kali Lewis



Salutations from your own private bat in your stump of a belfry! Summer has really flown this year, and it won’t be too long before the leaves on the trees will be turning color! Some of you may feel that we really haven’t had much summer yet, with all the rain and cool temperatures we’ve had. Well, be that as it may, I’ve found this summer impressive, not for the weather, mind   you, but because of the special music  we’ve had in church! In addition to the extemporaneous choir which has sung on occasion, earlier this summer we heard special selections sung by Roger Chard, accompanied by Maurita Holland. Both are wonderful! We also heard Pat and Leilani McConnell sing a duet, accompanied by Ginger Stark. They are also wonderful! Don Carlson, who accompanies himself on the guitar, has also graciously sung on a few occasions, sometimes without much advance notice in which to prepare. We appreciate his willingness to help out whenever we have asked him. He does a fine job! Darrell Dixson, always a favorite, has also blessed us with his musical talent, and we really enjoy his mellow voice. In addition, we’ve heard some of Pastor Don’s CD’s, and on at least one or two occasions the congregational singing was accompanied by recorded music. In the future we may be treated to additional special music as musicians make themselves available to us. (I’m hoping for a washtub fiddle, musical saw, and washboard combo myself, maybe with a kazoo or two thrown in for good measure, but so far this hasn’t been worked out as far as I know.) Of course we can’t forget our regulars, Mary Prater and Daniel Kozmiuk. Mary seldom takes a break, and we appreciate her dedication. Daniel has been on hiatus recently, but plans to return in the fall. God has really blessed us with musical talent, hasn’t He?