Lay Leader Lines May 2018

April 26th, 2018 by Kali Lewis


Q: Several years ago this church had a pie auction to raise money for some major expense which the church had. It was a lot of fun! Why couldn’t we have another pie auction? Churches always need money for something, don’t they?

A: To answer your last question first, yes, churches do always seem to need money. Even when there is no major project in the offing, this church often barely manages to meet routine expenses, especially those such as paying for pensions or apportionments. However, we could also always raise money for a fund to have in case we have emergencies, or for large projects which may not need immediate attention, but which will need such attention within a few years, such as repaving a parking lot. As for the pie auction, we did have fun and we did raise a significant amount of money. How about it, congregation? Is there interest in a pie auction, or some other kind of auction? For what would you like any money raised to be used? Please let your lay leaders or minister know! (Lay leaders are Mary Prater and Janet Helmbold.)