Lay Leader Lines – June 2019

May 27th, 2019 by Kali Lewis

Q: Years ago I attended a church in which one of the ministers had a passion for bringing people into the ministry. He seemed to feel that doing so should be one of the main goals of any Christian church. I understand that right now, we have two members that are studying to become pastors, Devin Lawrence and B.J. Ash. Have there every been any other members of this church who became pastors? How do people decide to enter this ministry?

A: Yes, others from this church have become pastors. Sandi Kolder, who now serves churches in Munising and Trenary , and who previously served at Hulbert and Paradise, is from this church. In addition, there may well have been others in past years who entered the ministry from this church. Perhaps some of the older members of this congregation can recall others, and would share this with us. As far as deciding  to enter the ministry, many of those who have done so indicate that they received a call to become a minister. Such calls have taken different forms for different people, but often they consist of a sudden strong urge to do so which doesn’t go away. Often such urges are responses to something going on in the person’s life, such as participating in a particularly moving worship service or retreat. Others report having a long-term feeling, sometimes even from childhood on, that they should pursue the ministry. Seldom have I encountered a minister who indicated that he or she was weighing what career to pursue and decided on the ministry because of wages, working conditions, or other characteristics of the ministry which appealed to them, much as one might choose any other job. Ultimately, this is a question which might best be answered by chatting with those in the ministry.