A View from the Belfry – June 2019

May 27th, 2019 by Kali Lewis

Greetings from the belfry! You know, now that it’s spring, from my perch up here in the belfry which is no more, I can see a lot of work going on which many not be recognized by some of you great people who attend this church. Last month I mentioned a broken sump pump and broken pipe joint which resulted in water spilling all over the place at the church. After that article was written, the sump pump at the parsonage also quit, meaning that water got into the basement there. Needless to say, church members helped clean up the mess on all three occasions. Well, we also  have church members who quietly show up and do things which need doing, but for which they don’t have any official position saying they need to do it, and for which they aren’t paid and don’t expect pay. For example, Mary Prater has from time to time reorganized the books in the library and has taken some out which are outdated and not really used any more. Some she gives away, or if nobody wants them, donates them to places which accept used books, such as the Red Bird Mission in Appalachia. As another example, Vic and Sharon Vanderville have from time to time washed the stained glass windows in the sanctuary so they would sparkle in the sun. Very recently, Polly Bedwell snuck into the church entry and washed the windows there so that they also are now sparkling in the sun. Later she washed the windows in the conference room and office area as well. Candace Haskell shows up from time to time and cares for the flowers planted in front of the church. What a bunch of busy beavers we have here! Not only do these hard workers do the necessary care and maintenance  jobs, but they also help in many, many other ways, such as washing dishes after social hours (as well as bringing in the food and serving the refreshments), stocking the supply closets with miscellaneous stuff needed to keep the church clean and running, and the like. A few, especially Polly, also take responsibility for giving the children’s message during church. Thanks, Mary, Vic, Sharon, Candace, Polly, and all you other busy church workers! We do appreciate all that you, and all of our unsung workers, con tribute to the church family. A church really is a family endeavor, isn’t it?