A View from the Belfry October 2019

October 1st, 2019 by Kali Lewis

What happened??!!?? It was summer, and then even before August had ended, it was autumn! Even early in September trees were turning colors in places, and mosquitoes were disappearing! Pretty soon it will be Halloween, I wonder if we’ll have a Trunk or Treat event at this church as we did last year! It was great fun to see all the kids dressed in their Halloween costumes, getting candy from the trunks of cars in our parking lot! How about repeating the fun, folks?

It is also approaching church conference time. For those of you who never go to church (also known as charge) conference, we conduct a lot of the church business at this time, such as setting the church budget for the coming year, approving lay servants, recommending those who are working toward becoming local pastors, and electing church officers. You might want to come and participate. Everyone can attend the church conference, but only church members are allowed to vote. A great deal goes into preparing for the church conference, such as filling out forms, preparing a slate of potential officers, filling out forms, arranging the service according to the direction of the District Superintendent, filling out forms, filling out forms, filling out forms…. well, you get the idea. Sometimes the forms seem overwhelming, but we really do have some important issues to discuss and business to conduct. This year our church conference will be held on October 24th, with the Staff Parish Committee meeting at 3:00 and the conference at 4:00. Why not come? I’ll promise to be there, or, for those of you who don’t like bats (I don’t                               understand why not, but I can accept that there are some of  you who don’t), I promise to either stay away or keep well hidden!